How to choose? Futon, sleeper sofa or Daybed

Furniture is what completes a leaving room of a person. Most leaving rooms in most homes have sofa sets that are used for sitting either by visitors or owners of the house. There are several factors that influence a person when they are going to buy any item in their leaving rooms.

Interior is the house attraction

Interior is what gives a house life and that attraction that people may want to be perceived by their visitors or even friends. Most people prefer style in their leaving rooms. Size and space are factors that affect the kind of sofas to be purchased by an individual. The futon, sleepers and daybed are good in a leaving room because they serve dual purpose for a person who may be having several visitors who prefer to sleep or sometimes the house owners may use them for taking a rest during the day.


The sofa is important because it provides many functions one may need.  Futon provides comfort with sitting and sleeping because of the texture it is used to make the futon. A futon is most ideal for those who want to save on the space that may be used in the leaving room. It is also cheap in price. The furniture is good in any room that one may decide to place it because it is stylish and easy to operate when one wants to change from sitting to sleeping. The goodness of a futon is that it does not need any effort, it is not complicated very easy to operate. Futon is good because if placed at the living room it camouflages well with other couch or sofa than others like daybed and sleeper sofa. The components of a futon are three and they are frame, mattress and mattress cover.Learn more.

Sleeper sofa

For those who want to use a sofa for sitting and sleeping then a sleeper sofa is the bestsofa bedoption for the function. Sleeper sofa when turned into a bed it looks more like a bed and it is the most comfortable option as compared to others. Modern sleeper sofas are well designed and cannot cause back pains when people sleep on them.A sleeper sofa needs a spacious room especially when it is turned into a bed so it is advisable for one to have enough space. There are several sizes that one will get which are twin, full and he queen sizes.


A day bed is more economical in space because it does not require much space or it can fit in a given space that is available to spare in your living room. A day bed is an ideal option for sleeping because it is constructed with the actual best mattress which is more comfortable. It is made of three main parts that consist of: the bed frame, mattress support, and the mattress. The importance of a day bed is that it can put in a bedroom as an extra bed because of its nature. Click here for more information: