Differences Between Futon and a Sofa Bed

If you have just made the decision to purchase a convertible sofa bed, these are tips that all consumers have to know. These sofa beds are comfortable and ease alternative to futons, which usually pose a lot of problems to sleep comfortably. In addition, there are two types of convertible sofa beds, and with the…Read More

Will My Mattress / Futon Mattress Work As A Sofa Or A Bed?

Buying the best mattress is important whether you plan to use your futon as a primary bed or a spare bed. However, there are many who aren’t sure if a futon mattress can work better as a sofa or as a bed? It’s a challenging question to say the least simply because there are some…Read More

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

A good mattress will offer spine support that keeps the spine in alignment. If your spine is not fully supported or correctly aligned, this can make your lower back pain worse. There are a multitude of best mattresses available and most people don’t know where to start or what to look out for when choosing…Read More