Tips on How to Care for Your Futon Mattress

In this article, we are going to go over some of tips on how to care for your Futon mattresses. They should last in the region of 5 to 6 years or even longer for some other people if they are properly taken care of even when they are used nightly which is what necessitated this article.

How to Care for Your Futon Mattress

  1. In order to keep your Futon mattress comfortable and for it to last long, it is important you sun dry them at least once in a month for a few hours, this would allow the cotton to breathe and dry completely. This is why Futon mattresses are a common sight in the balcony or windows of most Japanese apartments and mansion alike during the summer or when you have a higher humidity.
  2. Another care tip you can employ with the Futon mattress is running a vacuum over it or you can use a tennis racket to knock out any dust which can help to relieve any stress on it.
  3. In the case that something gets spilled on the Futon mattress such as soda, milk and the likes or maybe your baby urinates on them, you can hand wash them and hang them out to dry. When washing do not exert to much force, a gentle wash will do and make sure that they dry completely before sleeping on them again or packing them away, whichever the case may be.

How to Stop a Futon Mattress From Getting Moldy

When you go to Japan you will most likely be sleeping on a futon and it would be quite unusual for you to have a real bed but basically during the summer months especially while the rainy season is very humid and since the Futon doesn’t have any air underneath it, it just gets moldy, so you need to make sure you air it out every now and again. I mean a lot of people like to beat their futon spa you don’t need to I mean it helps to get rid of hair and everything but apart from that you can just leave it out in the sun and it’s fine because if you got to tummy floor and you have got a bed on it then there will be a big black moldy patch on your floor. So if you are living in Japan right now and you didn’t know about this you should check underneath your Futon it might not be that nice so make sure you fold it up, shove it in the corner using a wooden fortress style which you can climb up onto it or you can use an actual bed frame.

In conclusion, just like you would with your normal mattress, make sure that they are covered with a bed sheet before sleeping on them; this would ensure they are protected and kept clean. And of course, make sure the bed sheets are washed from time to time, doing this would ensure that your Futon mattress last long and are comfortable.